Coming soon Juniper Ridge Elementary School’s Inaugural Spring Social!

Get ready for a parents night out. The PAC will be hosting a Spring Social fundraiser May 11th at the Sandman Hotel. This is a great chance to get out meet other parents at the school while you enjoy some appetizers, drinks, and dancing.  The social will also have a live and silent auction to raise money for our school. Ticket prices will be announced soon.

Please let us know if you able to support the Spring Social?  Your support is very much appreciated and we would love your help for a record-breaking fundraiser!!

If you are able to assist us, we would appreciate your help with the initial stages of our event planning and fundraising, here are some ideas of ways you may be able to help:

  • Can you ask businesses that you frequent to donate a gift certificate: restaurants, hair salon, massage therapist, photographer, music teacher, dentist, optometrist–the sky’s the limit!
  • Do you have a chalet, cottage or time-share that you could offer for a weekend or week?
  • Do you have any event tickets you could donate: sports, concert, theatre, opera?
  • Do you have an experience you could offer, such as a round of golf, an afternoon of paddle boarding, a tour where most of us wouldn’t normally get to go like a movie set or TV set?
  • Do you have a talent you could share, for example: creating garden urns, prepping a gourmet meal in the winner’s home, music lessons, sewing lessons, tutoring, make-up for a big night out?
  • Could you – along with other parents – join together to donate a special item, i.e. dinner for two at a great restaurant, a spa day, a basket of fine wines or spirits?
  • Do you have any new goods, merchandise, gift baskets or gift cards?
  • Do you have any airline or hotel credits that could be transferred?

To be a part of the Spring Social organizing committee, or for general inquiries, please contact Kimberley Turner

To donate goods or services to our auction, please contact:

To be a Family Sponsor, please contact: Sponsorships start at $250+ and qualify for tax-receipts as well as 2 tickets and 4 drink tickets for the Spring Social May 11 2018.

If you know of a business willing to provide Corporate Sponsorship, please contact:

Hot Lunch

Go to:

The Fall list of hot lunches, including cut off dates for ordering will be available on the PAC website:



All information is private and confidential. Payment can be made by credit card online through the program and these payments go directly to the PAC.  There is a small fee we pay on our end per transaction and would prefer parents to pay for multiple children and multiple lunch orders all in one transaction. However, individual lunch dates can be ordered and paid for up to 10 days before the lunch occurs, so please do not feel like you can no longer participate if you have missed the first cut-off date.  Please note if you are paying by cheque you can drop it off to the school office.  If your payment is not received before the closing date (10 days before the lunch occurs) your orders will not be processed.  Please note if your child is ill or away on a lunch date, you are welcome to come and pick up their lunch but we cannot keep the food for them for the next day.  Consistent with previous years, there are NO REFUNDS.   We appreciate your support for our hot lunch program as the funds go towards general fundraising within the school and special events.