Technology Fundraising

In September 2016 BC implemented a new curriculum for elementary school students. A key goal in modernizing the education system was to provide students with an education that is rigorous, but also flexible and innovative, one from which they gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to succeed in today’s modern world

The staff at Juniper Ridge school have identified increased technology in the classrooms as an important component in achieving a classroom that is able to facilitate creative and critical thinkers. To meet the demands of future ready learning technology in the classroom enables students to experience a powerful, multi-channel learning experience.

In February the PAC voted on an ambitious plan to increase the amount of technology in the school by investing $60 000 towards technology over the next 36 months. This amount includes 16 iPads and 144 additional Chromebooks.

Keep your eyes open for exciting fundraising opportunities to help us achieve this goal!