In the 2017-2018 school year the PAC hosted a Spring Social to further advance our fundraising goals. We raised $4800 through the spring social to support the PAC initiatives in the school.

Our primary goal at this time is supporting increased technology for students to have access to in the classroom and we are excited to announce that this year we were able to purchase 36 new Chromebooks to become learning centres. We also purchased 8 iPads with cases to be used in various classrooms around the school. We are looking forward to running a technology club with these iPads at lunch hours next year to extend the fabulous learning the students do in the classroom.

The PAC is also committed to supporting the whole child so on top of additional technology in the classroom we have contributed funds to support the physical and emotional well being of the students at Juniper Ridge Elementary. We have purchased new high jump equipment for the students to use outdoors. We are also bringing in Michael Bortolotto to speak to the students regarding inclusion.