A Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is an elected body of parent volunteers with the common goal to work cooperatively with the parents, teachers and administration of the school for the benefit of the children.

The Executive Officers of the PAC for the 2016-2017 School Year are:

Chair – Jennifer Davis
Vice-Chair – David Takahashi
Treasurer – Sarah Riley
Secretary – Alexandra Janse

DPAC Representatives – Amber Hooton and Claire Tosoff

The PAC is an integral part of the school, some of the things the PAC does includes:

  • works with the school to build a strong, supportive and informed community;
  • applies for and receives casino fund grant (only available if school has a valid PAC);
  • provides hot lunch services to the school; and,
  • raises funds for the school so the school can buy items they would not otherwise have (i.e. school playgrounds, computer equipment, books for the library, learning materials, musical equipment, supplement classroom supplies and field study fees, PE supplies, fine arts performance etc.).


Our PAC has 3 distinct goals:

  • to build a strong community;
  • to facilitate communications; and,
  • to raise funds for the school.
  • We welcome parent involvement;
  • we hold monthly meetings; and,
  • we fundraise.


We believe that all parents are key to keep the PAC a successful and enjoyable place to come together.

  • You can attend monthly PAC meetings where you will be informed of school activities, hear various speakers, vote on monies spent and maintain your relationship with teachers, other parents and the school. The PAC meetings provide an open forum.
  • We invite you to volunteer your time and expertise as we plan events throughout the school year. With your help we can achieve our goals. Email us at juniperridgepac@hotmail.com and let us know that you would like to be on the volunteer list, when help is needed an email will be sent to you.


  • you can either email us at juniperridgepac@hotmail.com or leave a message for us at the school.


  • We meet on a monthly basis in the staff room (see here for dates), all parents are welcome to come to the meetings. The meetings are a great way to find out what is going on in the school, hear what the principal, or teachers have to say and meet other parents.

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